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I am a Web Designer and Developer located near Madison, Wisconsin. I build responsive, dynamic websites and mobile apps with modern technologies. I have also been developing WordPress sites building both themes and plugins. Currently, I am working on developing my skills with Ruby on Rails. I went to a great program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, Wisconsin and continue to enhance my skills to stay current with an ever evolving technology. Got a new project, I am always happy to find more projects, Contact Me and we can discuss how I can help. I am also available for contract work.


This is the new website for The Bay Area Genealogical Society. This started as my internship project in the Fall of 2012. I started by mocking up the site in html and css. I then migrated the site to Wordpress where I developed the structure and a custom theme. I chose to build the site with Wordpress so the maintainers of the site would have a simple yet powerful and large community CMS to work with. I developed a custom plugin to integrate their existing database of genealogy records. This database was origionally a SQL Server database which I migrated to MySQL. The theme is a custom theme and is a responsive design.

This is a current project I am working on in my spare time for a family friend. He is a professional photographer with a studio in Madison, WI. The design for this website was inspired from his origional site along with the insperation of black and white photography. This website will include dynamic galleries in the portfolio page. It will also include e-commerce capabilities for the studio page where the client will be able to sell their work online as well as showcase the work available in the studio.

This is a website I am working on for another friend. The design for this started by borrowing the basic structure from the bootstrap carousel starter theme. I then structured it to be similar to a site that the person really liked and wanted to emulate. It has come together quite well. At the moment I am working on some functionality development and then I will get back to polishing up the design.

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